BASIC MAGIC BALL. Simple and elegant, the Basic Magic Ball offers you the dual advantages of proven efficacy in ‘washing the air’ as it meets your lifestyle requirements. Beautifully designed as a smoothing water feature with soft ambient LED lights, it will enhance your living space, at work and at home. Make your life better

  | Design and Function


Convenience features of Basic Magic Ball:
1. In the event that the upper mechanism of the Basic Magic Ball is being lifted up, the device will automatically stop function.
2. Automatic power shutdown feature: the power is turned off automatically after running for 30 hours of operation.

  The LED light of Basic Magic Ball has been specially embedded internally at the top casing to have two ranges of light intensity shining downwards.

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The validity of the antibac2K solution when mixed into the water is 48 hours.
It is normal when the mixture of water with antibac2K solution turn murky in a smoking room or heavy polluted indoor area. Please change to a new mixture of water with antibac2K solution even when it is less than 48 hours.
Regarding the usage amount of antibac2K solution with maximum water level, Basic Magic Ball  covers an indoor space around 40-50 square meters (500ml water with 5ml to 15ml antibac2K solution). If the space is less than 40-50 square meters and if you find the aromatherapy fragrance too strong, we suggest using the non-fragrance antibac2K solution.
Whilst Basic Magic Ball has an automatic safety shut-off function, in order to maintain optimum function, please turn off the power for at least 1 hour after 24 hours of continuous operation.
Please remember to top-up the water and antibac2K solution if the water reduces significantly during operation.

  | User menu for Basic Magic Ball
  1. 1. Add water into the glass bowl of Basic Magic Ball to the indicated level. Shake antibac2K solution and pour 5ml-15ml into a glass bowl.
    2. Place the glass bowl on the mat.
    3. Put the upper mechanism back onto the glass bowl.
    4. Connect the power plug into the socket at the back of the upper mechanism of Basic Magic Ball.
    5. Press the on/off button at the left to turn on the power. LED lights are on low light.
    6. Press the LED button at the right to turn LED lights to bright. Press once again to turn off the LED lights.
    7. Press the on/off button at the left to turn off the power.

      | Specification of Basic Magic Ball
    1. Model number: MB series (See inside for color details)
      Dimension: D20cm × H20cm
      Weight (approx.): 3.0kgs / 3.7kgs
      Power Consumption: Input 220V AC50-60Hz / Output 24V AC20W
      Coverage: 40-50 square meters
      LED lights
      Usage duration: continuously about 24 hours
      Automatic Power-off function: about 30 hours (It has an automatic safety power-off function when you remove the top part of Basic Magic Ball)
      Standard accessories: Mat, Cleaning brush, solution measuring cup and a spare stirrer piece.

      ※Product specification in the document is subject to change without notice.

      Origin : antibac2K Basic Magic Ball - Made in Taiwan    antibac2K solution - Made in Singapore (solution is sold separately).

      Basic Magic Ball is not a medical device.

      While the highest safety standards have been met, the user bears all responsibility for its use, especially for inappropriate usage.

      The product is an air purifier. It must not be used for the other purposes.