Antibac2K MAGIC DEW Under the three concepts; ‘Antimicrobial efficacy”, ”Malodor elimination” and “Aromatherapy”, MAGIC DEW is a revolutionary air purifier which has “encapsulation technology” that protects you from airborne viruses, bacteria and malodor.

MAGIC DEW pursuits not only its design, but we have also conducted a careful selection of the material of MAGIC DEW in order to achieve “reduction in weight” for easy to carry, and your safety is also focused for a tough unit for its durability.

MAGIC DEW provides you pleasure moments with clean air and beautiful space.

How to use MAGIC DEW

1. Put 500ml of water into the bowl.
2. Shake the bottle of Antibac2K SOLUTION well before inserting into the bowl. (Add 5ml SOLUTION)
3. Put the MAGIC DEW Top case on top of the bowl.
4. Connect the wires to home electricity socket apart.
5. Press once ON/OFF button to turn on/off the MAGIC DEW operation.
6. LED light will switch on automatically when MAGIC DEW turned on.

- To prevent accidents MUST use our Antibac2K power device of MAGIC DEW.
- If MAGIC DEW placed in smoking room or highly air pollution location, suggest to make a replacement of fresh water with SOLUTION in order to keep cleaning efficacy.
- When changing the water level, the body cap should pulled down flat and vertical, inverted roof residual liquid may flow outside the host or roof, resulting in motor failure.


Antibac2K has an unique technology, ”encapsulation technology”, which protects you from harmful substances such as airborne viruses, bacteria and malodor. This innovative technology was joint developed by Antibac Laboratories Pte Ltd (Singapore) and Evonik Goldschmidt Gmbh (Germany). We have successfully created a purifying air system with the new concept of "cleaning air".

Antibac2K is carefully considered for the safety of human bodies as well as the impact on the environment. It provides you the system to meet contemporary needs, "Environmental ecology” and comfortable living space".
Anitibac2K MAGIC DEW stirs water as well as Solution and purifies the air by releasing invisible myriad capsule to the air. This system enables us to provide you clean and comfortable life space.

Antibac2K wishes to purify the air around you.

For the test results of antimicrobial efficacy and malodor elimination, please see the guide book of "antibac2K SOLUTION" or our website.

Encapsulation technology for antibac2k is the key of the SOLUTION. SOLUTION sprayed in the air from MAGIC DEW catches and protects you from harmful substances. Antibac2K SOLUTION is certified by various research institutes for the consideration of the same environment for the human body.

Our SOLUTIONS provide you the pleasure with the organized variety of aroma scents line ups.


Product specification
MAGIC DEW specification

- Model number: MD-1 (See inside for color details)
- Dimension: diameter 21cm X Height 22.5cm
- Weight: 1.6/2.0kg
- Power: 220V, 50-60Hz/10W AC24V
- Effective area: approx. 30m2 – 50m2
- LED light
- Continuous used hour: approx.. 24hours
- Standard accessories: 1)Measure cup for SOLUTION 2)Spare of the stirrer 3)Cleaning brush

* Product specification in the document is subject to change without notice.
- Producer nation: MAGIC DEW - Made in China
- Antibac2K SOLUTION - Made in Singapore

SOLUTION is sold separately with the product.
~ MAGIC DEW is not a medical device.
- The product is carefully designed with safety in mind. However inappropriate use of the product could cause of trouble and injury.
- The product is an air purifier. It must not be used for the other purposes.