SOLUTION PLUS + (the countermeasures liquid) is used in conjunction with antibac2K Solution (air cleaning fluid) products. According to the purpose of use, the strengthening of the functional.

anti Smoke Liquid

Enhance the ability to smell than tobacco!
The silver ions contained in the anti Smoke Liquid + (addition to smoke countermeasure liquid) composition of the nicotine in the tobacco odor (NICOTINE) and tar (TAR) for decomposition.

anti Allergy Liquid




Add water and antibac2K solution ( air purification liquid ) into the container. Then add SOLUTION PLUS + (the countermeasures liquid) to the specified amount.


anti Allergy Liquid and anti Smoke Liquid should be 1% of injected water ( eg. 500ml water with 5ml solution). Anti VOC Liquid should be 3 times of antibac2K Solution ( eg. 5ml antibac2K Solution with 15ml anti VOC Liquid. )